STERNUM is a jewelry brand founded by Sophie Peelman, who recently graduated as an Architect. Sternum started as a quest for minimal and powerful jewelry. The urge to design, shape and create robust and compelling jewelry made her take matters into her own hands. The focus lies on minimal handmade jewelry, designed with industrial influenced materials.


The early beginnings of the brand originate in Antwerp, where a girl is on the search for another creative outlet during her architectural studies. Out of the urge to wear distinct yet subtle jewelry, she starts experimenting with materials, lines, geometric forms and the tension amongst those elementary designing tools.  ‘Although I try to aim for well-balanced forms and lines, the jewel itself in all its simplicity stands out. By purifying forms and using prime shapes as fundamentals I aim at giving the owner a bold, timeless and gender neutral design.


’The geometry of Sternum objects, finds its treasure in the outlined simplicity and in prime shapes its absolute source of inspiration. The aim is to reduce the aesthetics keeping just a purified skeleton, like the brand name suggests. ‘ – Virna Farinazzo


Ever since she was little Sophie Peelman spent a big amount of her time experimenting with her creativity. The urge to shape, design and create led her to start Architectural studies in Antwerp. Recently she graduated as an Architect at the University of Antwerp (Master in Architectural Sciences). During her Architectural studies she develops an interest in materials, lines, context, form and translates these tools into wearable aesthetics. Taking it from macro scale to micro scale, she starts designing her own necklaces. What started as a personal project grew into a passion for expressing clean aesthetics trough minimal and powerful jewelry.