Shadow work


Image of Shadow work

Image of Shadow work Image of Shadow work Image of Shadow work

Staying indoor meant looking inwards. Discovering our shadow side. The process of getting to know our inner child, reparenting.
Purple hydrangeas signify the desire for deeper understanding. We're on the outlook of understanding ourselves, for connection, we lose track of ourselves. Mapping out learned patterns & turning inwards.
Blues hydrangeas symbolize regret and rejection and forgiveness.
It is the push & pull we encounter when we try to come face-to-face with one's true self. Accepting and loving both sides.

ID: Blue & purple hydrangeas by dawn, eyes glaring through the dark.

LIMITED PRINT | Signed and numbered by Sophie Peelman on the right side corner. Made to order
TECHNIQUE | Acryl on paper, digitalized & printed. Bright White Matt 310grs, 100% cotton. Dibond back.
MEASUREMENTS | 74 x 115 cm
COLORS | blue, green, purple, red
FRAME | oak, black-stained, included